Invited Lectures and presentations

Invited lectures & presentations

  1. Presented a paper on“Laparoscopic management of adnexal masses “at Madyha Kerala O& G society meeting ,RCM Hospital Tripunithura (1993)
  2. Presented a paper on “Operative Hysteroscopy “ at All Kerala OBGYN conference ,Kottayam 1993
  3. Presented a paper on”operative Hysteroscopy” at 2nd national conference of Indian Academy of Human Reproduction at Miraj  Jan -1994
  4. Paper on “laparoscopic surgery” at XV1th All Kerala at Cochin Feb -1994,
  5. Paper on Laparoscopic Hysterectomy at All India IAHR 1995 Bhavnagar, Gujarat
  6. Paper on “ Advanced Hysteroscopic Surgery ” at – XV11All Kerala OBGYN conference , ,Calicut 1995
  7. Presented a paper on “ Lap Myomectomy” at Trivandrum, All Kerala OBGYN 1996
  8. Presented a paper on Laparoscopic Myomectomy at Tanjavur in June 1996
  9. Paper on Basics of operative Laparoscopy at Kottayam in August 1996
  10. Presented Paper on “Laparoscopic microsurgery” at First National Conference of IFEE, Cochin, May 1996
  11. Paper on management of Hydrosalpinx at Trivandrum Dec 1996
  12. video presentation on “Laparoscopic microtubal anastamosis at All India Congress at Pune Dec 96
  13. Paper on “Difficulties during endoscopic surgeries” WORCOG at Trivandrum Jan 1997
  14. Paper on “ Laparoscopic surgery for adolescent Females” at IAHR -DUPHAR Symposium Cochin Jan 1997at
  15. Presented a paper on “Difficulties during Laparoscopic surgery” at All India conference of IAHR, Hyderabad Feb 1997
  16. Talk on “endoscopy in the diagnosis of DUB” in the symposium on DUB at Shornur March 1997
  17. Paper on Management of endometriosis at Bangalore March 1997
  18. Talk on” Endometriosis-newer concepts” at Kasargode April 1997
  19. Guest lecture on Hysteroscopic procedures at 2nd all Kerala conference of Gynaecological Endoscopy, Calicut  Jun 1997
  20. Video presentation on “Operative Hysteroscopy in infertility” August 1997 at Kottayam
  21. Talk on Laparoscopic management of endometriosis at Nagercoil in August 1997
  22. Video presentation on Laparoscopic surgery in failed laparotomy at Calicut in Sept 1997
  23. Video presentation on Operative Hysteroscopy at Pune in Oct 1997
  24. Video presentation on Operative Hysteroscopy at All Karnataka ob/gyn conference at Hubli in Oct 1997
  25. Lectures on Hysteroscopic surgery & Difficulties during Lap surgery Trichy 16 Nov 97
  26. Lecture on Hysteroscopy- Procedure and Pitfalls at ICOG west zone CME ,Sangli 29Nov 97
  27. Video presentation on Hysteroscopic surgery in Infertility at 2nd National Conference of IFEE at Surat Dec 6th 1997
  28. Lecture on Endoscopic complications-prevention diagnosis & management at 3rd annual conference at TVM,13Dec 97
  29. Panel member ,symposium “Video operative laparoscopy” at the 41st AICOG at Siliguri on 29 Dec 97
  30. Lecture on “Endometrioma -Operative laparoscopy” 41st All India OBGYN, Siliguri 28 Dec 97
  31. Lecture on “ Hysteroscopic surgery in Infertility” at IAHR Update 1998 ,Kolaphur, 24th Jan 98
  32. Lecture on “Fibroid uterus” at First congress of Young talent promotion committee at Cochin on 31st Jan 98
  33. Invited Faculty to moderate a Live CCTV workshop on “Hydrothermal Balloon Ablation of Endometrium” International congress on Fallopian Tubes at Bombay 6th Feb 98
  34. Lecture on Laparoscopic microtubal anastamosis at 12th AMOGS conference ,Nagpur on 15 Feb1998
  35. Participated in the debate “Tissue retrieval at operative laparoscopy’ at the AKCOG Cochin 20th Feb 1998
  36. Lecture on “Hysteroscopic myomectomy”at International seminar on Gynaecological Endoscopy on 6th March 98 at Mumbai by IAGE
  37. Lecture on “Laparoscopic Myomectomy” at 24th annual conference of the Bengal OBGYN society, Calcutta 15th March 1998.
  38. Lecture on “Role of laparoscopy in myomas” and panel discussion on “Management of ovarian enlargements”at Manipal on 21st March 98
  39. Panel member in the panel discussion of “controversies in endoscopic surgery”at the 26th annual conference of BOGS on 29th March 98 at Mumbai.
  40. Video presentation on “Laparoscopic cervicopexy for Nulliparous prolapse” at CME organised by IAHR at Calicut 5th April 1998.
  41. Lecture on “laparoscopic myomectomy in Infertility” at IAHR National update at Muzaffarnagar on 11th April 98
  42. Lecture on “Laparoscopic Tubal anastamosis” at department of OBGYN at Aligarh Muslim University on 13th April 98.
  43. Lecture on “management of Endometriomas” at OBGYN society at Agra on 13th April 98
  44. Video presentation on “Laparoscopic Myomectomy” at Hyderabad OBGYN society meeting on 26th April 1998.
  45. Lecture on the “Role of Laparoscopic myomectomy in infertility” at Southern India OBGYN society meeting at Chennai on 27th April 1998.
  46. Lecture on “Laparoscopic myomectomy” at Mysore on 16th May 1998.
  47. Lecture on “Limitations of Lap myomectomy” at Bangalore on 17th
  48. Lecture on Management of Endometriosis at Tirupati on 24thMay1998
  49. Lecture on Diagnosis and Management of Ectopic pregnancy at Bhopal on 30th May 1998
  50. Lecture on Laparoscopic Management of Ectopic pregnancy at Indore on 31st May 1998
  51. Lecture on Difficulties in laparoscopic surgeries at Baroda on 1st June 1998
  52. Lecture on Basics of Laparoscopic surgeries at Jamnagar on 2nd June 1998
  53. lecture on Difficulties in Lap surgery at Madurai on 26th June 1998
  54. Lecture on Tubal factor in Infertility at Trichi on 28th June 1998
  55. Lecture on Management of Ectopic pregnancy at Tanjavur on 4th July 1998
  56. Lecture on “Role of laparoscopic myomectomy”at Aurangabad on 12th July 1998
  57. Lecture on “Limitations of laparoscopic myomectomy” at CME organised by KAGE at Trivandrum on19th July 1998
  58. Lecture on “Complications of Laparoscopic surgery” at Belgaum OBGYN society on 25thJuly1998
  59. Lecture on “Supracervical hysterectomy” at 16th Annual congress of Madhya Kerala OBGYN society meeting at Cochin on 22nd August 1998.
  60. Participated in the Panel discussion on “Self reliance in OBGYN practice” at the 6th National congress of IAHR at Bangalore on 30th August 1998.
  61. Panel discussion on Ovarian Malignancy on 19th September ,1998 at
  62. Guest Lecture on Laparoscopic Tubal Surgery and Lap Management of Ectpoic pregnancy on 27th September ,1998 at Agra , 5th National congress of gynecological endoscopy
  63. Video talk on “Laparoscopic tubal recanalisation” at Moulana Hospital, Perintalmanna on 11th October 1998.
  64. Panel in Video interactive session on “Laparoscopic surgery in pregnancy” at the international congress on perinatal medicine at Cochin on 7th November 1998.
  65. Lecture on Laparoscopic tubal reconstructive surgery at ‘National update 98’ at Allahabad on 15th November 1998.
  66. Video talk on ” Laparoscopic Burch colposuspension” at IAHR update at Tiruvalla on 13th December 1998.
  67. Seminar for PGs in Medical college Trivandrum Dec 1998.
  1. Lecture on ” Laparoscopic Burch colposuspension”at All India OBGYN congress 28Dec 1998 at Hyderabad.
  2. Lecture on “Urogynecology” at 21st All Kerala, on20thFeb 1999, Cochin
  3. Lecture on “IUI- Indications and outcome” at Sirsi on 14th March 1999.
  4. Lecture on the “Lap management of endometriosis- pregnancy outcome” at Annual conference of Calicut OBGYN Conference”.
  5. Lecture on “IUI – Results” at the national workshop on endoscopy and advanced management of infertility at Varanasi on 28th March 1999.
  6. Lecture on “Management of Stress Incontinence” on 9thMay1999 at Bangalore OBGYN society meeting.
  7. Lecture on “ Role of LAVH in fibroids and adnexal masses” at Trivandrum during the annual congress og Trivandrum OBGYN club on 20th June 1999.
  8. Lecture on ” Reproductive outcome in endometriosis associated infertility” at the annual CME of KOGS on 4th July 1999.
  9. Lecture on “Ultrasound and endoscopy in ovaraian masses” at Cochin (IAHR)on 18th July 1999.
  10. Lecture on “Management of stress incontinence” at Chennai on 8th August 99 organised by OGSSI.
  11. Lecture on “Diathermy-Basic principles and safeguards” at the CME by Thrissur OBGYN society on 15th August 99
  12. Presented a paper on “Laparoscopic management of endometriosis – Analysis of 532 cases at the World congress on practical infertility management at Mumbai on 12th September 1999.
  13. Guest lectures on Management of Ectopic pregnancy and Burch’ Colposuspension at Panjim, Goa on 18th September 1999.
  14. Lecture on Management of ectopic pregnancy at Delhi on 3rd October 1999 during the 6th Annual congress of IAHR.
  15. Master class on “Complications of laparoscopic Burch,s Colposuspension ” at Goa on 10th October 1999 during Gynecological Endoscopy in the 2000’s.
  16. Lecture on how to be a good laparoscopic surgeon for the post graduates at Cochin organised by the IAHR on 31st October 1999.
  17. Lecture on “Basics of diathermy” at the endoscopy workshop and CME organised by OBGYN society of Calicut and KAGE on 5th December 1999.
  18. Lecture on “Unforeseen encounters in endoscopic surgery” at Lucknow during 43rd AICOG on 30th December 2000.
  19. Conducted an endoscopic committee workshop on 26th December 2000 at Lucknow during the 43rd
  20. Short lectures on Ectopic pregnncy, LAVH, Myomectomy, Basics of laparoscopy, IUI, Ovarian masses, Endometriosis, & hysteroscopy at the IAHR conference conducted at Cochin on 11th & 12th March 2000.
  21. Debate on Myomectomy, laparoscopy Vs laparotomy at the 23rd All Kerala OBGYN at Calicut on 31st March 2000.
  22. Lecture on “Laparoscopic Burch’s” at IAHR 2000 held at Muzzafarnagar on 22nd April 2000.
  23. Lecture on Abnormal uterine bleeding at “Gyaendocon 2000” at Perintalmanna on 7th May 2000.
  24. Lecture on “ Lap Hysterectomy – different approaches” at CME on 9th and 10th June 2000 at Trivandrum organised by Medical college, Trivandrum & Clinical research committee.
  25. Panel discussion on “Scope or knife “ organized by IMA Cochin on 26th July 2000.
  26. Lecture on “Conservative management of myoma” at the 14th KSOGA conference at Davangarae on 13th August 2000.
  27. Lecture on “Evidence based management of infertility” at Calicut organized by OBGYN society of Calicut on 3rd September 2000.
  28. Master classes on “Laparoscopic myomectomy” at Goa on 4th October 2000 during ARTY2K
  29. Lecture on “total laparoscopic hysterectomy” at Bangalore on 15th October 2000 during “Dakshin 2000”.
  30. Guest lecture on Gynecological endoscopic surgery at Cochin on 23rd October 2000 for the annual All kerala urological conference.
  31. Guest lecture on “Laparoscopic microsurgery” at Bangalore during the International gynaecological endoscopy workshop and congress on 5th November 2000.
  32. Chaired a panel discussion on “Infertility treatment-when? How?” at IMA Cochin 14th November 2000.
  33. Lecture on “Total Laparoscopic hysterectomy with different energy sources” at Kanpur during the 3rd Indo-German workshop on 19th November 2000.
  34. lecture on “ Endoscopic treatment of SUI” on 29th December during the 44th AICOG at Ahemedabad
  35. Lecture on “Laparoscopic myomectomy –recent concepts” during the ESIM-B 2000 at Mumbai on 5th February 2002.
  36. Lecture on “Evidence based management of infertility during the 23rd All Kerala conference at Thiruvanathapuram on 11th February 2001.
  37. Lecture on “Endoscopic surgery for infertility” at Cochin during the Cochin Gynec society meeting on 1st April 2001.
  38. Lectures on “Antimicrobial prophylaxis in gynaecological surgery” during annual congress of Madhya kerala OBGYN society congress at Cochin on 21st April 2001.
  39. Lecture on “Management Chronic pelvic pain” during the 21st Annual congress of Tanjavur OBGYN society at Tanjavur on 23rd June 2001.
  40. Lecture at Aurangabad
  41. Lecture on : Management of ovarian masses” during the 2nd annual congress of Trivandum OBGYN club on 11th August 2001.
  42. Lectures on “Management of endometriosis” and “Hysteroscopy-opening a new vista” at Ahemdabad on 27th and 28th October 2001.
  43. Lecture on “Hysteroscopic management of myomas” during “Dakshin” at Kozhikode on 4th November 2001.
  44. Participated in the panel discussion on “Operative endoscopy in gynecology” on 24th November 2001 during the 18th Annual conference of OGSSI.
  45. Chaired a panel discussion on “Morbidity in Hysterectomy” at the All India congress on Drugs in gynaecology at Cochin on 8th December 2001.
  46. Lecture on Luteal phase defect and infertility at Angamally during the clinical meeting of Angamally Airport unit of OBGYN society.
  47. Lecture on the “current concept in the management of endometriosis” at the annual conference of Madurai OBGYN society on 27th January 2002
  48. Lecture on “ Management of endoscopic complications” at the All Kerala OBGYN congress at Trichur on 9th February 2002.
  49. Lecture on “Role of tubal surgery in ART era” at the 8th International congress on “ART & advances in infertility management on 15-17th February 2002 at Ooty.
  50. Lecture on Electrosurgery at Laparoscopy, video presentation and as an expert at breakfast table on 2nd March 2002 at Mumbai during the IAGE conference.
  51. Lecture on “Laparoscopic management of Ovarian masses” at the 2nd annual conference and CME of Cochin OBGYN society on 7th April 2002.
  52. Participated in a panel discussion on “Reproductive failure” at Calicut on 20th April 2002 organized by IAHR.
  53. Lecture on “Hysteroscopy and laparoscopy” at Kodungallur on 19th may 2002 organized by KAGE.
  54. Lecture on “The role of Fertiloscopy and laparoscopy before IVF” at Hyderabad on 3rd June 2002 at the international congress organized by Kiran Infertility clinic.
  55. Lecture on “Evidence based management of infertility” at Salem on 3oth June 2002, organised by OG society of
  56. Lecture on “Laparoscopy in acute pelvic pain” at Trivandrum on 14th July 2002 during the Annual congress of OBGYN club.
  57. Lecture on “Management of endometriosis” at Surat on 27th July 2002 organized by Surat OBGYN society.
  58. Lecture on “Recent trends in the management of endometriosis” at Baroda on 28th July 2002.
  59. Lecture on “Management of pelvic mass in pregnancy” at Parur on 18th August 2002 organized by All Kerala Federation of obstetricians and gynaecologists.
  60. Lecture on “Recent concepts in the management of endometriosis” at Alapuzha on 30th November 2002 organized by Alapuzha O&G society.
  61. Lectures on “How to be good endoscopic surgeon” & “complications of laparoscopy” at Goa on 7th December 2002 organized by the Panaji O&G society.
  62. Lecture on “Management of borderline ovarian tumors” at Bangalore during the AICOG 2003. Chaired a session on “smart options for menorrhagia”.
  63. Lecture on “Lap Tubal anastomosis” at Mumbai during the Pratic 2003 on 18th January 2003.
  64. Lecture on “Adhesion prevention “ at Kasaragod during the All Kerala OBGYN conference on 8th February 2003.
  65. Lecture on “ Lap management of endometriosis” during the National conference on endoscopic surgery on 7th & 8th March 2003, at
  66. Chaired a panel discussion on “Tips and tricks of lap hysterectomy” 30th March 2003, at Cochin
  67. Lecture on laparoscopic sacral suspension for prolapse uterus at Cochin on 1st May organized by IAGE.
  68. Chaired a panel discussion on tips and tricks in laparoscopic hysterectomy on 26th July at Trivandrum organized by Trivandrum OBGYN club.
  69. Chaired a symposium on “ Surgical anatomy of Pelvis in relation to endopscopic surgery” at Kozhikode on 17th August 2003 during Yuva FOGSI.
  70. Lecture on “ Laparoscoopic myomectomy –a series of 800 cases” at Cochin on 10th October 2003, organized by IAHR.
  71. Lecture on “Role of hysteroscopy in infertility” at Mumbai on 14th November 2003 during the International congress on Infertility.
  72. Lectures on “Complications of Laparoscopy and Laparoscopic management of ovarian masses” at Vijayavada on 16th November 2003 .
  73. Lecture on “Laparoscopic vault repair” and “How to setup an endoscopic OT” at Pune on 30th November 2003, organized by IAGE & Pune OBGYN society.
  74. Lecture –SN Kaulgud oration on “Tips and tricks of laparoscopic hysterectomy” at Hubli on 6th December 2003, organized by Hubli-Dharwad OBGYN society.
  75. Lecture on “Lap management of Vault prolapse” at Agra during the All India congress of obstetrics and Gynecology on 6th January 2004.
  76. Lecture on “Laparoscopic surgery in Gynecology” at Palai during the annual meeting of IMA AMS on 2004
  77. Lecture on “ basics of Laparoscopy” during the post graduate lectures in OBGYN at Cochin on 27th-29th February 2004.
  78. Lecture on “ Role of Laparoscopic surgery in the era of ART” at Ludhiana on 13th March 2004 during the Congress organized by Ludhiana OBGYN society.
  79. Lecture on “How to minimize complications at Laparoscopy” at Sangli on 20th march 2004 organized by Sangli OBGYN society.
  80. Lecture on “How to minimize complications at Laparoscopy” at Nagercoil on 8th May 2004 organized by Nagercoil OBGYN society
  81. Lecture on “Laparoscopic myomectomy” at Coimbatore on 30th May 2004 during the MIS ICON 2004 organized by Kovai medical center & hospital.
  82. Lecture on “Ovarian Cystectomy” at Mumbai on 13th June 2004 during the IAGE conference.
  83. Lecture on “Deep infiltrating endometriosis” and Debate on “LAVH vs TLH” at Trivandrum on 11th July 2004 organized by Trivandrun OBGYN club.
  84. Lecture on “Tips and tricks of laparoscopic hysterectomy” at Ahemdabad on 29th August 20004 during Endovision 2004.
  85. Video panel discussion on “Endoscopic surgery” on 4th September 2004 at Kochi organized by IAHR
  86. Lecture on “ Laparoscopic surgery for infertility” at Trichur on 10th October 2004 , organized by Urological association of kerala
  87. Lecture on “Hysteroscopic surgery” on 17th October 2004 at Patna organized by Srijan centre for assisted human reproduction.
  88. Lecture on “Pelvic floor defects” on 5th December 2004 at Kochi, organized by IAHR
  89. Lecture on “Sacrocolpopexy” at Kozhikode on 11th December 2004, organized by KAGE
  90. Lecture on “Laparoscopic management of ovarian cysts” on 11th December 2004 at Coimbatore , organized by IAGE
  91. Lectures on “Laparoscopic tubal microsurgery” & “Laparoscopic myomectomy” on 7th January at Aurangabad during the 48th AICOG 2005
  92. Lectures on “How to be a good endoscopic surgeon” and “recent advances on management of endometriosis” on 6th January 2005 at Bangalore, organized by St: Philominas hospital.
  93. Lecture on “ Rectovaginal endometriosis” at Cochin on 20th March 2005 organized by IAHR
  94. Lecture on “ Laparoscopy in failed laparotomy” at Chennai , organized by IAGE 2005.
  95. Lecture on “Suturing techniques” at Mumbai on 11th June 2005, organized by IMAGES & MOGS.
  96. Lecture on “Laparoscopic management of torsion /rupture of ovarian cyst” during the 9th regional meeting of ISGE at Mumbai on 25th September 2005.
  97. Lecture on “Management of stress incontinence” at Cochin during the IAHR congress on 22nd October 2005.
  98. Lecture on “HRT-update” & “ TLH” at Palakkat on 3rd December 2005, organized by O&G club Palakkat.
  99. Lecture on “Energy sources in endoscopic surgery” on 7th Jan 2005 during the AICOG 2006 at Kochi
  100. Lecture on “Hysteroscopic myomectomy” and debate on “Open vs Lap myomectomy” on 28th January 2006 at Mumbai during the Conference on “Just Fibroids” organized by BEAMS
  101. Lecture on “Laparoscopic management of Rectovaginal endometriosis” on 5th February 2006 at Ahemdabad during Progress and challenges in Gynaec endoscopy & infertility organized by Mayflower womens’s hospital.
  102. Lecture on “ Management of endometriosis” on 20th April 2006 at Angamaly organised by OBGYN club.
  103. Lecture on “ Laparoscopic recanalisation” on 22nd April 2006 at Mumbai during the Minimally invasive gynecology update organised by MOGS.
  104. Lecture on “ Modern technology in Endoscopy” on 30th April 2006 at Nande.
  105. Lecture on “Risk management in laparoscopy” at Trivandrum on 3rd June 2006 during 28th All Kerala OBGYN conference.
  106. Lecture on “Laparoscopic pelvic floor repair” during the South zone Yuva FOGSI conference on 9th July 2006 at Chennai
  107. Lecture on “Adhesiolysis and Adhesions prevention” during the “Recent advances in OBGYN” on 19th August 2006 at Lady Harding medical college at New Delhi.
  108. Lecture on “Avoiding complications at Laparoscopic hysterectomy” during the Advances 2006 organised by Trivandrum OBGYN club on 20th August 2006
  109. Lecture on “Laparoscopic hysterectomy in frozen pelvis” during the 1st national congress on “Hysterectomy made easy” at Akola on 26-27th August 2006.
  110. GRK Raju N Oration on “ Prevention of complications in laparoscopic surgery” and lectures on “ Laparoscopic management of endometriosis” and “Energy sources in laparoscopic surgery” at the 40th Annual CME , Visakhapattanam on 28th and 29th October 2006
  111. Lecture on “ laparoscopic hysterectomy in large uterus” on 12th November 2006 at Mumbai during the conference “ Just hysterectomy-the summit”
  112. Lecture on “Tubal block –is it an open invitation to ART” on 2nd December 2006 at Bharuch during the 30th Annual SOGOG 2006.
  113. Lecture on “ pregnancies after laparoscopic myomectomy” at Trivandrum on 9th December 2006 organised by Trivandrum OBGYN club.
  114. Lecture on “Laparoscopic tubal anastomosis”on 8th January 2007 during the 50th AICOG 2007 Kolkota
  115. Lecture on “ lap hysterectomy –step by step” on 10th Feb 2007 at Hyderabad during the AMASICON 2007
  116. Lecture on “ART in the eyes of an Endoscopic surgeon” at Kochi, during 7th annual CME of COGS.
  117. Debate on TLH vs VH on 13th May 2007 at Gem hospital, Coimbatore during Gynolap 2007
  118. Lecture on “ lap hysterectomy –tips & tricks” on 19th & 20th May 2007 at VG hospital Coimbatore during Laparolink 2007
  119. Lecture on “ Laparoscopic myomectomy” on 28th July 2007 at Chennai during Progress 2007.
  120. Lecture on “Recent trends in the management of infertility” at Kovalam on 12th October 2007 during the special CME organized by Micronova.
  121. Video presentation on Lap management of Rectovaginal endometriosis On 19TH October 2007 at Bangalore during the BEST golden Jubilee congress
  122. Video presentation on lap management of Broad ligament fibroids on 3rd November 2008 at Mumbai during “Just fibroids”
  123. Lecture on “surgical solutions for infertility” on 16th December 2007 at Coimbatore during Fertility update – Round table organized by Coimbatore O&G society
  124. Lecture on “complications of endoscopic surgery – I have seen” at Mumbai on 5th January 2008 during the GenNext 2008congress.
  125. Lecture on complications of laparoscopic surgery on 3rd February 2008 at Delhi during 51st AICOG
  126. Lecture on lap hysterectomy –how to make it easier on 20th January 2008 at Nizamabad organized by NOGA
  127. Lecture on Fibroids –unusual presentations at Kochi on 6th April 2008 during 30th AKCOG
  128. Lecture on “Equipment selection and care” at Akola on 23rd August 2008 during the 3rd National congress on Hysterectomy made easy.
  129. Lecture on laparoscopic management of endometriosis on 20th September 20008 at Mysore
  130. Lecture on Tubal surgery on 21st September 2008 during Gnana Varsha (Annual BSOG)Bangalore
  131. Lectures on hysteroscopic and laparoscopic surgeries during Ferticon 2008 at Moradabad on 28th September 2008
  132. Lecture on unusual myomas at Bangalore on 18th & 19th October 2008 during 3rd international congress RAGE.
  133. Lecture on “Role of laparoscopy in pelvic floor surgery” during AICOG 2009 at Jaipur
  134. Lecture on difficulties during laparoscopy at Chennai on 7th Feb 2009 organized by IAGE & OGSSI
  135. Lecture on Newer instruments and their application in endoscopy at Trichur on 22nd March 2009 during Horizon 2009 organized by KARE & TOGS
  136. Lecture on “ Is infertility surgery Obsolete” at Kochi on 18th May 2009 during annual CME of COGS
  137. Lecture on “Role of recanalisation in infertility surgery” on 7th June 2009 during 9th international conference at Chennai hosted by IRM&MMM
  138. Lecture on “Difficult dissection” during Annual IAGE endoscopy conference  on 12-14th June at Hyderabad
  139. Lecture on Tubal factor evaluation during 2nd national symposium on reproductive medicine at Chennai organized by Aakash Fertility clinic on 18th July 2009
  140. Lecture on “Myomectomy; Are all fibroids bad?” during “Progress 2009” at Chennai on 26th July 26th 2009
  141. Lecture on “ Is infertility surgery Obsolete” at Trivandrum on 1st august 2009 during Dakshin 09
  142. Lecture on “How to reduce complications during lap surgery” at Davangare medical college on 8th August 2009
  143. Lecture on “ endometriosis management –current evidence” at Kolkota on 13th September 2009
  144. Panel discussion on “Equipment failure in endoscopic surgery” on 13th September 2009 during Advances 2009 at Thiruvananthapuram.
  145. Lecture on “Use of monopolar energy sources in endoscopy” on 3rd October 2009 at Mumbai during Just haemostasis organized by BEAMS
  146. Video presentations on Rectovaginal endometriosis on 12th December 2009 at Mumbai, during “the Ovary unravelled” organized by ISAR
  147. Keynote on “Energy sources in MAS” during 53rd AICOG 2010 at Gawhati on 21st January
  148. Lecture on managing “complications at laparoscopy” on 14th February 2010 during AKCOG 2010 at Trichur
  149. Video presentation on “lap cerclage for cervical incompetence” on 12th February 2010 during AKCOG 2010 at Trichur
  150. Lecture on “endometriosis in infertility” on 28th March 2010 at Erode.
  151. Lecture on “Endometriosis in IVF-Treatment strategy” during ISAR 2010 at Kochi
  152. Lecture on “Fertility enhancing surgeries” during ARTCON 2010 at Madurai on 9th may 2010.
  153. Lecture on “Barbed suture in laparoscopic surgery on 14th August 2010 at Thiruvananthapuram during advances 2010.
  154. Lectures on “pregnancy outcome following myomectomy”, myomectomy –step by step during YUVA FOGSI on 1st October 2010 at Kochi.
  155. Lecture on “ Lap hysterectomy –step by step at Navi Mumbai on 3rd October 2010.
  156. Lecture on “Barbed suture in laparoscopic surgery” during Just Controversies organized by BEAMS on 10th October 2010 at Mumbai
  157. Lecture on Laparoscopy in pregnancy during Ida Sculler oration & Annual conference at Vellore on 17th October 2010
  158. Lecture on “Learning curve in laparoscopy” at Kottayam on 31st October 2010 during CME2010 organized by Matha Hospital
  159. Lecture on “Laparoscopy in pregnancy” during National conference on High risk pregnancy& Labour at Calicut on 21st November 2010.
  160. Chaired a Panel discussion on “Fertility enhancing surgeries at Delhi on 4th December during PC-CON 4TH December 2010 organized by Pushpanjali Hospital
  161. Lecture on “Learning curve in laparoscopy” at Thiruvananthapuram on 11th December 2010 during the meeting organized by Trivandrum OBGYN club
  162. Debate on Tuboplasty Vs IVF on 8th January 2011 at Hyderabad during AICOG 2011
  163. Lecture on Endoscopic management of large myomas during 4th ISMAAR at Kolkata on 14th Jan 2011
  164. Lecture on “ Single port surgery –a gimmick?” at Kanhangad on 12th Frbruary 2011 during 33rd AKCOG
  165. Lecture on “ Tubal anastomosis” on 27th Feb 2011 during Endoworld 2011 at Aurangabad
  166. Lecture on “adenomyosis & infertility” during ISAR 2011at Agra on 5th March 2011.
  167. Lecture on ‘Barbed sutures made life easier” and Fine surgery must be endoscopic surgery” during GET 2011 at Chennai on 25-27th March 2011
  168. Lecture on “ Electro surgery complications” during G-ROS 2011 at Pune on 29-30th April 2011
  169. Lecture on “ How to become a good endoscopic surgeon” during the 4th International conference at Kochi on 22nd September 2012.
  170. Lecture on “ Laparoscopic hysterectomy – lessons for the beginners” during 26th AMOGS conference at Nande on 7th January 2012
  171. Lecture on “Advanced endometriosis:How to make surgery easier” during AICOG 2012 at Varanasi on 29th Jan 2012
  172. Debate on “Lap myomectomy Vs Open myomectomy” during AKCOG 2012 on 12th February 2012 at Chenganasserry.
  173. Lecture on “Endometriosis- Indian scenario” during G-ROSS 2012 on 27th April 2012 at Pune.
  174. Video presentation on “Adenomyosis” on 13th May at Bangalore organized by BOGS
  175. Lecture on Female infertility evaluation on 20th may at Kochi during SEX MED 2012
  176. Lecture on “ How to reduce complications during Laparoscopy” at Kollam on 24th June 2012.
  177. Lecture on “Role of Reproductive surgery in infertility ” during FOGSI-Basic infertility management on 5th August at CIMAR Cochin
  178. Lecture on “Newer contraceptives” & Video presentation of interesting cases at Angamally on 23rrd August 2012.
  179. Moderator of Panel discussion on “Endometriosis and Laparoscopy” during Endogyn 2012 –Annual congress of IAGE at Kolkata on 18th August 2012.
  180. Lecture on “How to become a good endoscopic surgeon” at Baroda on 26th August 2012.
  181. Lecture on “Current management of endometriosis” during LIFE 2012 at Bangalore on 31st August 2012.
  182. Lecture on “New Instrumentation in Laparoscopy” during Advances 2012 at Trivandrum on 23rd September 2012
  183. Oration on “How to become a good endoscopic surgeon” at Evolving trends in Gyneae endoscopic surgery 2012 at Delhi on 27th October 2012.
  184. Lecture on “ TLH for frozen pelvis” during Just innovations on 4th November 2012 at Mumbai
  185. Lectures on “Laparoscopic hysterectomy -Tips and tricks “ during TOGSICON 2012 at Thrissur.
  186. Lecture on “the future of operative laparoscopy for infertility” at Fertivision 2012 at Jodhpur on 8th December 2012
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  190. Moderated a panel on “Safe endoscopy” during IAGE2013 on 24th February 2013 at New Delhi
  191. Lecture on “Vault complications after TLH” during annual IAGE on 4-5th May 2013 at Bangalore
  192. Lecture on “Hysterectomy & HRT” at Kottayam on 16th June 2013
  193. Lecture on “Reducing Lap complications” during IAGE conference at Mumbai on 30th June 2013.
  194. Lecture on “Tubal anastomosis” on 30th August 2013 during Advances 2013 at Trivandrum
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  197. Chief Guest and Lecture on “ chemistry between Surgeon and anaesthesiologist” on 16th October 2013 during World anaesthesia Day at Kochi
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  199. Lecture on “ laparoscopic myomectomy-Pushing the limits” on 12th January 2014 at Hubli
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  203. Oration on “Laparoscopic suturing” during PAGES conference on 22/23rd March 2014 at Pune
  204. Panel discussion on how to simplify laparoscopic hysterectomy at St. John’s Bangalore on 5th April 2014
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  206. Debate on “ surgery is better for management of endometriosis” on 25th May at Coimbatore.
  207. Lecture on “Power morcellation.To do or not todo” during Just Updates on 1st June 2014 at Mumbai
  208. Oration on “Strategies to reduce complications in laparoscopic surgeries”-Dr. Narendranath memorial oration organized by TOGS at Trissur on 15th June 2014
  209. Oration – Pankajam Seetharam on “Fibroids & Infertility” organized by Trichy O&G society at Trichy on 22nd June 2014
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  211. Video lecture on endometriosis & Myomectomy during TOGSOCON 2014 on 19th July 2014.
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  213. Lecture on “Power morcellation.To do or not todo” during Rage14 on 24th August 2014 at Bangalore.
  214. Lecture on “Is there any role for lap tubal anastomosis today?” during IAGE MISCIN 2014 on 29th and 30th August at Delhi.
  215. Lecture on “ How to make laproscopic surgery safe for advanced endometriosis” during G-ROS 2014 on 8th November 2014 at
  216. Lecture on “ Hysteroscopic management of Asherman’s syndrome during Nagpur hysteroscopy carnival on 29th November 2014
  217. Lecture on 3D laparoscopy in Gynecology at Chennai on 23rd January 2015 during AICG 2015
  218. Lecture on “ Power Morcellation” on 15th February at Pune during PAGES conference
  219. Lecture on “solving knot tying technique: Fundamental principles of curves,angles and planes” on 28th march 2015at Pune during Surge 2015
  220. Lecture on “Morcellation- current thinking” on 1st March 2015 at Kovalam during AKCOG 2015
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  222. Lecture on “Lap management of endometrioma” at IAGE 2015 at Mumbai on 16th May 2015
  223. Lecture on “Ergonomics of laparoscopic surgery” during Yuva FOGSI on 29th May 2015 at Kozhikode
  224. Lecture on “ Enhancing Fertility –Role of Laparoscopy” on 25th July during Progress 2015 at Chennai.
  225. Conducted a panel discussion on “Interesting cases in laparoscopy” & Lecture on “hemostasis in Laparoscopy” during Selsicon2015 at Kochi on 7-9th August 2015
  226. Lecture on “Difficult laparoscopic hysterectomy” during Urogynaec 2015 at Ahemdabad on 1st November 2015
  227. Lecture on “Tips for difficult TLH” during Millennium Update 2015at Daman, on 27th December 2015.
  228. Keynote Address on “Managing Mullerian Anomalies-surgical approach” on 15th January during AICOG2016, Agra
  229. Moderator for panel on “ How to tackle difficulties in Laparoscopic surgery” on 14th January during AICOG2016, Agra
  230. Lecture on “Endoscopic removal of fibroids –what the evidence says” for the CME on 14th January during AICOG 2016,Agra
  231. Lecture on “scar integrity after Laparoscopic myomectomy” during AKCOG 2016 at Kochi on 12th Feb 2016
  232. Lecture on “Ergonomics in laparoscopic surgery “ on 19th February 2016 during RAGE , Bangalore


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  20. Faculty for suturing workshop, lecture on “Laparoscopic management of adnexal masses” and video presentation on “Laparoscopic technique-Reversal of sterilisation” on 4th, 5th & 6th October 2015 during FIGO- Vancouver, Canada.