Training – 1 year course – Overview





Basic endoscopic training course was started in 1988 and advanced endoscopic training in 1994. More than 1500 doctors have been trained since then.

This program was developed because most graduating residents in obstetrics and gynecology were not fully trained in operative endoscopic surgery. In addition, it was recognized that most of the advances in endoscopic surgery were being developed in the non-teaching hospitals.


Previous Fellows:

Dr. Satyen Kasabwala, M.D.
Dr. Biju Pillai M.S
Dr. Renuka Borisa M.D
Dr. Madhu K. N MS
Dr. Sejal Naik M.S
Dr. Sowjanya MBBS,MS
Dr. Amit Pail MBBS, MD(Obs & Gyn)
Dr.Deepa MBBS, MS, DNB j
Dr. Indranil Chaudhuri MBBS, DGO,DNB
Dr.Sreevidhya MBBS, MS,OBG
Dr. Anita Budania MBBS,MS
Dr. Praveenkumar Thakare,MBBS,MS,DNB,(OBGY)
Dr. Sheetal Barsagade MBBS,MS
Dr. Shabanam MBBS,MS(OBGY)
Dr. Pratap.T. MBBS,MS(OBG)
Dr. Harneet Kaur MBBS,MD
Dr. Dimple K.Ahluwalia MBBS,MS(OBS & GYNAE)
Dr. Gurav Chopade MBBS,MS,DNB(OBS&GYNAE)
Dr. Manju Thomas MBBS,MS
Dr. Dhivya MBBS,MD(OBS & GYNA)
Dr.Varsha Rengaraj MBBS,MS(OBS& GYNAE)
Dr. Saurabh Patil MBBS,MS,(OBS & GYNAE)
Dr. Tanuka Das MBBS,MS(GYN& OBS) DNB
Dr. Reena Garg MBBs,DGO

Purposes of the Fellowship

  1. To provide an opportunity for gynecologists who have completed their PG to acquire additional skills in advanced endoscopy and reproductive surgery.
  2.  To further research in endoscopic surgery.

Conduct of the Fellowship

  1. Course duration is for 1 year
  2. On satisfactory completion of one month training, course will be extended for 1 year.
  3. Course fee is 5 Lakh rupees (non refundable).
  4. Single room accommodation will be provided in the hospital.
  5. Eligible for stipend of Rs 15,000 per month.


The fellow can work with the preceptor and other designated members of the training team in the operating room. The fellow should participate in the pre-operative, intra-operative and post-operative care of patients. The fellow may be assigned to other professionals to gain additional knowledge and experience in procedures and techniques. In addition, the fellow has to publish a research paper and at least one case report in international journals during their curriculum to prove their training credentials in endoscopic surgery.



Documentation of the Fellowship
At the successful completion of the fellowship, each fellow will receive a certificate.