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Dr. Paul


After my decades of experience in Government and private sector, I realised women needed a quiet and a comforting environment where they can feel at ease during their treatment without the buzzle of a multi-speciality hospital. I wanted to provide such an experience along with the state-of-the-art facility and the best surgical skill.

Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Kochi
Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Kochi

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In this day and age, women play multiple roles – a daughter, a wife, a mother, a diligent professional and sometimes the sole breadwinner. She ends up ignoring her difficulties and problems while she is busy taking care of family and work.

Her love and care are to be reciprocated with the same level of compassion. Women also undergo a lot of cyclical hormonal changes on a regular basis, which takes a toll on her body and mind. Addressing women’s health care deserves a continuous commitment since women experience unique health issues and are more likely to be diagnosed with certain diseases than men.

At Paul’s hospital, we strive to provide comprehensive care to support her through her difficulties at all stages of life.

The expertise and experience of Dr Paul, the country’s veteran gynaecological endoscopic surgeon is the backbone of this healthcare institution that offers unparalleled treatment for gynaecological and fertility problems.

Located in Kochi, Pauls Hospital is a 25,000 sq. feet, well equipped single specialty hospital dedicated to infertility and gynaecological endoscopic treatment started in 2003

Real Life Story

Dr. Sudha Kurmi’s wellness story

Dr. Sudha Kurmi noticed her fibroid symptoms during her internship days.
She consulted a gynecologist of her own college for heavy bleeding and excessive pain.But her case was not considered with

The symptoms of fibroids first appeared during my Internship days. Excessive pain (Dysmennorhoea) and heavy bleeding (Menorrhagia). I had consulted a gynaecologist from my college but she just laughed at me and said that its not because of fibroids but because of the stress and hard work we do as interns. I asked her whether I should go for a USG scan she said no need and to concentrate on my work. The symptoms made me think about fibroids but the gynaecologist was far more experienced, so I trusted her and avoided my early symptoms completely.

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