Our Vision

To provide a personalised and a comprehensive care for our patients meeting all their dreams and expectations.

Personalised Care

Under the direct supervision of Dr Paul, the patient is not rallied from doctor to doctor. The entire team works together to put each patient at ease, gathering complete patient history, examination and ultrasonography on her first visit itself, giving the much-needed assurance of personalized care. The patient will be provided special care and detailed counselling on all the various methods of treatment and options that are open to the patient. The patient is assured of absolute privacy and confidentiality.

Non-invasive approach

It is our primary objective to study the patient and to offer them all forms of treatment – both medical and surgical. Though seen as a conservative approach, we, at Paul’s hospital believe that invasive surgical procedures are always the last option in the treatment of a disease.

Successful laparoscopic surgery in failed open surgery

At Paul’s hospital, laparoscopic surgery is offered as a more efficient alternative to open surgeries. Almost all gynaecological surgeries are performed by laparoscopy.We take pride in being a referral centre for endoscopy, wherein we have patients referred by other doctors from all over the world to undergo laparoscopic surgeries where previous open surgeries have failed.

Lowest Complication Rate

Patients always have a fear of complications of surgeries. Our centre is known for the lowest complication rate. This achievement has been attained by our careful & thorough approach to surgery, and of course, our long years of experience of the team.

Lowest Open surgery conversion

Most centres report an open surgery conversion rate of 10% whereas our conversion rate is 1 in 500 surgeries (0.2%).
This is a conversion rate far below the internationally quoted.

Operation Theatre and Special Equipments

Our centre has one of the most technologically advanced operation theatres in the country. We were the first centre to install OR1 (Karl Storz, Germany) integrated operation theatre in India and the first centre to install 3D endoscopic camera in Kerala. We have also assembled the world best endoscopic equipment for special and advanced surgeries giving the utmost precision.

Infertility Treatment

When Dr Paul started practice in 1984 there were only a few male gynaecologists and infertility specialist in Kerala. Since then he has treated more than 10,000 infertile couples. Paul’s Hospital provides one-stop diagnosis and treatment for male and female infertility. Our experienced team includes proficient Infertologist, Andrologist, Embryologist, and counsellor. The entire team works closely together to create a patient-friendly environment which allows our doctors to provide the best care possible.Our goal is to provide outstanding patient care by focusing on the individual patient or couple when determining evaluation/treatment plans. We strive to make your experience with us productive, professional, and as comfortable as possible. Many couples have appreciated the closeness of our involvement and place great value on the caring relationships you will form with our staff.