PaulsHospital   23-Jan-2023

HPV Vaccine

1.HPV is estimated to cause thousands of cancers in men and women all over the world HPV vaccine can help you in prevention of theses cancers These are vaccine against certain types of human papilloma viruses. There are vaccines against 2, 4 or 9 types of HPVs including 16 and 18 which is known to be a high risk for cervical cancer HPV vaccine may prevent cervical cancer, anal cancer, vaginal cancer, vulval and even oropharyngeal cancers In males, reduces risk of genital wart, penile and anal cancers 2-3 doses depending on age and immune status Ideally between 11-12yr but can be given as early as 9yrs and as late as 45yrs Second dose 6 months after first dose After 15yrs, 3 doses over 6 months Recommendation is upto 26yrs but can be taken upto 45yrs Provides protection for 5-10yrs Cervical cancer screening is still recommended following vaccination If you get all doses of vaccine before you have sex, it can lower your chances of getting genital w