PaulsHospital   05-May-2023

Busting 3 myths about PCOS

Myth 1: PCOS is diagnosed by ultrasound Fact: For the diagnosis of PCOS, the woman should have 2 out of 3 feature such as irregular cycles/ anovulation, clinical or biochemical hyperandrogenism and PCOS appearance of ovaries on ultrasound Myth 2: PCOS is a type of ovarian cyst Fact: Some women think that it is a type of ovarian cyst. No its not. It is the appearance of multiple follicles on the ovaries which gives a false impression of having ovarian cysts. It is these multiple follicles which gives the name “polycystic” to this condition Myth 3: Affects only obese women Fact: Although obesity and PCOS are closely related, it can affect anyone. There is even an entity called lean pcos which occurs in lean women.